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Subordinate Dating: ‘Riskiest Workplace Activity’

Supervisors Dating Subordinates No matter how much employers fear them, office romances are not going away. In fact, employees may be getting more comfortable with the idea. How should employers handle office romances to protect themselves and comply with the law? Romance at work is not slowing down. A 2014 survey showed that 58 […]

Job Descriptions: The First Place to Look

From the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standpoint, the most important thing the job description does is to delineate the essential functions. This is because employees with disabilities must be able to accomplish the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation. Inability to perform nonessential functions does not disqualify the individual. Here […]

Please join us on August 20th for our monthly seminar: “How to Deal with Difficult Employees.”

Conflicts in the workplace are distracting, uncomfortable, and emotional. It is a common challenge for managers to handle these situations while avoiding legal pitfalls. But with the right tools and training, managers can successfully resolve – and reduce – incidents. In this seminar, you’ll learn about how to identify conflicts early and decide the best […]

Question & Answer Employer Penalties for Employee OSHA Violations

Q. May an employer directly fine an employee who commits an OSHA violation? A. Even though state-OSHA divisions may allow for such employer actions, be careful about levying personal fines on employees for violations of safety protocols or procedures, as outlined in state law or in your injury/illness prevention program (IIPP). If you have undeniable […]

Heat Illness Prevention

Excessive heat exposure on the job site is unsafe. Heat related illness not only makes you feel terrible, it can also harm your health, hurt job performance, increase injury potential and even cause death. Why is it important to prevent heat illness? Heat illness can be a matter of life and death. Workers die from […]

New Law Requires Paid Sick Leave Beginning July 1, 2015 – Action Required

As previously announced, there will be a new requirement for all employers to provide paid sick leave to regular and part- time employees beginning 07/01/15. If you have not reached out to your consultant, please do so ASAP! Penalties & Legal Action Failure to comply with the new requirements can and will result in fines […]

Please join us on June 18th for our monthly seminar: “Understanding and Managing the Tangled Web of Leaves of Absences”

Employees have several different reasons for why a leave of absence is necessary. Ranging from jury duty to the Family Medical Leave Act, every leave of absence requires certain steps to be taken in order to properly comply with laws. This seminar will inform individuals on how to properly handle benefits, pay, and other factors […]

Important Update Regarding 2015 Labor Law Posters

The production of the 2015 California labor posting has been delayed due to many late updates. The updates are expected to be finalized by mid-January at the latest. Once the updates have been received, the production will take approximately 1 week until they are ready for shipping to our clients. Clients utilizing posters for states […]

Dirty Dozen: 12 Common Manager Mistakes that Spark Lawsuits

Most employment lawsuits are not triggered by great injustices. Instead, simple management mistakes start the snowball of discontent rolling toward the courtroom. Here are 12 of the biggest mistakes that hurt your credibility in court: 1. Sloppy documentation Most cases aren’t won with “smoking gun” evidence. They’re proven circumstantially, often through documents or statements made […]

Rethink Who Can Earn Overtime Under Federal FLSA Rules

HR professionals have scrambled in the recent years to comply with revised Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requirements and determine which white-collar employees are eligible for overtime pay. The rules should have clarified the issue, but FLSA lawsuits have actually increased dramatically in the past decade. The biggest issue: Incorrectly classifying “exempt employees” (not eligible […]